A Tale of Two Commutes

So, the red commute is 11km long, give or take a few metres, the blue one is 9.5km, or so. The red commute takes in leafy, tree-lined avenues, passes shops and cafes, passes through a public park for at least 2km, has fewer traffic lights and way less traffic. The blue commute is a Tour de Fuck You of traffic, traffic lights, noise, stress, other riders shoaling and motorists who think they own the road, rather than just a car.

Both routes have good cycle lanes, you’re probably way safer on the red one, though. What do you gain by travelling 1.5km less? 4 minutes less on the road? Leave home 5 minutes earlier, breathe clean air and enjoy your ride. Take the path less travelled and enjoy your ride. Look for the routes near you which, while a few minutes longer, may be a whole traffic jam less noisy, more peaceful and better for you.