The Filthy Noises concept began as a music blog in 2005, took a hiatus in 2007 and is reborn now as a music project. The name “Secrets of the Hand” is what this project will likely be called and will not be negotiable. Everything else pretty much is negotiable, so it’s not too much to ask, don’t apply to join if you don’t like the name ;-)

Creation begins with composition and conceptualisation. Extension will involve recording demo/backing material and arrangement of live production hardware. Testing will follow, in conjunction with recruitment. Then will begin a cycle of (in no particular order) rehearse, perform, record, create.

At the moment, The Filthy Noise is me, Crunchy Steve, a few Macs and plenty of ideas. Once I have my health back, I hope to entice The Collectables/Two For Rooftops drummer, Tony back to the “secret lair” and build something again.

The music will be rock informed originals, some with electronic backing reinforcement, supported by covers chosen for their ability to “bait” an audience and augment the originals. The idea is to create a party with a beat and with lyrics you can think about if you care about that stuff.

We won’t be doing weddings, we’ll only do corporate events for organisations we support, and we will look to make it as big as we can, but hijinx, fun and rock’n’roll is the prime motive, anally retentive, control freaks need not apply.

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