Welcome to Filthy Noises

lots of microphones

So, my name is Harry and I’m behind this site. 

Two things to know. First, my day job is as a content creator for a tech brand. However, once upon a time I was a journalist. 

Second, my name isn’t actually Harry. But I’m using a pseudonym as the above day job requires me to keep my mouth shut or ask my permission to open it. 

Originally, I spent most of my time writing. But then there was more of a shift to multimedia like video and podcasting. 

For me, sound is one of the most-forgotten about elements of content. It’s only when you’re playing it back – and the original opportunity to get that recording is gone – that you realise how hard it is get right, when it’s gone wrong.

There's a ton of nonsense and myth about sound recording

how I create the content

I spend a lot of my time either reducing content or speaking with people who are doing the same thing. So I have a fair amount of experience in creating audio.

So you can rest assured that I am either speaking from experience or I have spoken to someone else with a similar background. 

My aim here is to cut through the jargon and all the technical talk. There is a lot of myth and bluster when it comes to audio. It doesn’t need to be that complicated – so hopefully that is the aim here. To cut through all the nonsense!

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